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Our purpose is to invest responsibly in social and public infrastructure that delivers long-term benefits for all stakeholders.


We aim to provide our investors with stable, long-term, inflation-linked returns, based on growing dividends and the potential for capital appreciation.
We expect to achieve this by investing in a diversified portfolio of infrastructure assets and businesses which, through our active management meets societal and environmental needs both now and into the future.

This is supported by a robust investment cash flow with inflation linkage.

Through the active management of our existing asset portfolio, new investments and the prudent use of gearing, we target a long-term return in excess of 7% per annum. Whilst the Company’s long-term target is currently 7%, it acknowledges that the macroeconomic environment has changed significantly in the last 12 months and therefore intends to reassess this target once the macroeconomic environment stabilises. In the meantime, the level of returns offered by new investment opportunities will be assessed against the prevailing macroeconomic conditions and alternative capital allocation options.

A full copy of our Investment Objectives can be found in the Company's latest Prospectus which can be downloaded below.

Download Prospectus

Summary Investment Policy

  • New investments that meet the Company’s Investment Policy are made after assessing their risk and return profile relative to the existing portfolio. In particular, we seek investments to complement the existing portfolio through enhancing long-term, predictable cash flows and/or to provide the opportunity for higher capital growth. The Board also regularly reviews the overall composition of the portfolio to ensure it continues to remain aligned with the Company’s investment objectives.
  • Desirable key attributes for the portfolio include:
  1. Stable, long-term returns;
  2. Inflation-linked investor cash flows;
  3. Early stage investor (e.g. the Company is an early stage investor in a new opportunity developed by our Investment Adviser)or investments secured through preferential access (e.g. sourced through pre-emptive rights or through the activities of our Investment Adviser);
  4. Other capital enhancement attributes (e.g. potential for additional capital growth through ‘de-risking’ or the potential for residual/terminal value growth);

New investments must meet at least two of four key attributes and in addition must have positive SDG contribution.

The Company will, over the long-term, maintain a spread of investments both geographically and across industry sectors in order to achieve a broad balance of risk in the Company’s portfolio. It does not expect to invest in non-OECD countries, unless it can get comfortable with the risk-return profile.

Asset allocation will depend on the maturity of the local infrastructure investment market, wider market conditions and the judgement of the Investment Adviser, and the Board on the suitability of the investment from risk and return ESG perspectives.

The Company’s Investment Policy restricts it from making any investment of more than 20% of the total assets in any one investment in order to limit the risk of any one investment to the overall portfolio.

As a London Stock Exchange-listed Company, INPP is also subject to certain restrictions pursuant to the U.K.L.A. Listing Rules.

Further investments will continue to be sourced by the Investment Adviser, Amber Fund Management Limited. Some of these investments will have been originated and developed by, and in certain cases may be acquired from, members of the Amber Infrastructure group.

The Company has established detailed procedures to deal with any conflicts of interest and to manage conduct in respect of any such acquisition (see Corporate Governance).

The Company may also make prudent use of leverage to enhance returns to investors, to finance the acquisition of investments in the short-term and to satisfy working capital requirements.

Under the Company’s Articles, outstanding borrowings including any financial guarantees to support subscription obligations in relation to investments, are limited to 50% of the GAV of the Company’s investments and cash balances. INPP has the ability to borrow in aggregate up to 66% of such GAV on a short-term basis (i.e. less than 365 days) if considered appropriate.

Material changes to the investment policy summarised in this section may only be made by ordinary resolution of the shareholders in accordance with the U.K. Listing Rules.

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